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Help us celebrate 50 years of changing the conversation around children with developmental delays and disabilities!

Our online Stadium of Support event will kick off the first day of spring in recognition of the hope and promise RMCC has always seen in each and every child and will culminate 50 days later on Mother’s Day, appropriately honoring the five courageous mother’s that opened the doors to inclusion five decades ago.

Click HERE and take your seat in our stadium!

Luis from Sesame Street has a message for RMCC fans……

Thank You To Those That Have Taken A Seat In Our Stadium of Support!


Barrows Family

Family Suite

Crowe-McGovern Family

First Anchor Wealth Management

Savinelli Family

NH Distributors

Jeff & Kris Fox

Lodging Econometrics - The Ford Family

The Wool Family

Box Seats

Jim & Eleanor Freiburger

Feeney Family

Wendy & Alan Gladstone

Johnson Family

Cathy Nickerson

Kit & Steve Reno

Karin Caruso

Joan (Pool) McCarthy

Amanda & Tyler Kelly

Bethel Family

Don & Mary Briselden

Rebecca Gould

Service Credit Union

Heather & Jonathan Clark


Daystar - Your Technology Partner

Jim White

Individual Seats

Carbonneau Family                                      Brenda Plante

Pool Family                                                    Steve Plante

Edward Droste                                               Nate Porter

Kristin Droste                                                Patty Small

Laura Eldridge                                               Peggy Small-Porter

The Freiburger Family                                 Jessica Squier

Hammond-Ewing Family                           John & Candy Deforge

Gerry Henry                                                   Redlon Family

Savanah Lacasse                                            Peggy Lee

Wendy & Mitch Hankin                               Tracy Martel

Jeff Monroe                                                    Alvarez de Toledo Family

Ed & Susan O'Brien                                      Archambault Family

Ferris Family                                                 Mary Fontaine

Kathy Crompton                                           Donna Schlachman

Beverly Hodsdon                                          Mark Hodsdon

Amy Dillenbeck                                            JPW Construction

Sarah Cullen

Enjoy our 7th Inning Stretch Video!

Your support helps to insure the Richie McFarland Children’s Center is able to provide services to every child in need. This is only possible with partnerships big and small.


Per child, the average annual cost of one hour of therapy a week is $4,840.00.

On average, RMCC’s state contract + insurance reimbursement covers $3,280.00 per child for one year of service.

This leaves a gap of $1,560.00 that RMCC must cover to ensure each child is receiving the services they need and deserve.


$1,500  - this amount funds the difference between available state funding and the cost to provide weekly early intervention services for a year.

“From our initial call, to our 3 year old's school transition meeting, everything has been beyond our expectations. It has truly been life changing for our son and we are so grateful.”

— RMCC Family