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Your support helps to insure the Richie McFarland Children’s Center is able to provide services to every child in need. This is only possible with partnerships big and small.


Per child, the average annual cost of one hour of therapy a week is $4,840.00.

On average, RMCC’s state contract + insurance reimbursement covers $3,280.00 per child for one year of service.

This leaves a gap of $1,560.00 that RMCC must cover to ensure each child is receiving the services they need and deserve.


$1,500  - this amount funds the difference between available state funding and the cost to provide weekly early intervention services for a year.

“From our initial call, to our 3 year old's school transition meeting, everything has been beyond our expectations. It has truly been life changing for our son and we are so grateful.”

— RMCC Family

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