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Fabulous Find Awards RMCC $7,677.85!

At first thought, one might claim it an unusual friendship, but a bit of a closer look, and it quickly becomes clear that it is a partnership that makes perfect sense.  We are speaking of the teaming of sorts between the Richie McFarland Children’s Center (RMCC) and an upscale, resale boutique in Kittery, called Fabulous Find.  Two very different organizations, one unifying mission; make the community a stronger, better place to live.  RMCC answers that call with the provision of expert, family-centered therapy for children with developmental delays and/or challenges.  Fabulous Find answers the call by donating proceeds to worthy nonprofit organizations throughout the Seacoast.

The concept is simple, yet the impact on the community is anything but.  Since its inception in 2010, Fabulous Find has donated over a million dollars to a large-range of nonprofit organizations, creating a network among like-minded leaders serving very different needs within the community.  For the month of November, the Richie McFarland Children’s Center has encouraged members of the RMCC family to bring donations to the boutique and shop away, as all sales will directly benefit the center, as well as two other nonprofits chosen by the Fabulous Find Board of Directors.

This is the second time that RMCC has been the recipient of the generosity and civic-minded ingenuity of the founders of this increasingly popular place to shop.  It has been said that, “it takes a village to raise a child” and, through our forty-six year history, the staff at RMCC has seen proof of that time and time again.  It can be difficult to educate the larger community about the critical and positive impact of early intervention therapies on the life of a child with special developmental needs.  We are so grateful that the Board of Directors at Fabulous Find has stepped up as part of the village our children need to be fully supported within the community.

Peggy Small Porter, RMCC’s Executive Director, feels that “the benefit and impact of being chosen as a worthy recipient of funds from the Fabulous Find goes beyond the financial donation.  It’s a powerful affirmation of our mission.  It sustains our staff in their unwavering dedication to provide all they can for the children and families we serve and it speaks to the commitment of the community in investing in the potential of each and every child that comes through our doors.”

While RMCC didn’t set out looking for a friendship with the owners of a resale boutique, we’d say this relationship is a Fabulous Find.

Jessica Carbonneau