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NH’s First Lady Stands for Children

It was inspirational, moving and challenging; it was the 47th annual meeting of the Richie McFarland Children’s Center.  The room was filled with advocates for Early Childhood Supports and Services, from therapists to RMCC board members to families whose children received services, to none other than NH’s First Lady herself.  The atmosphere was warmed and enriched by the presence of three of the founding mothers who began the center over four decades ago.  And the impact of RMCC’s mission was literally visible with the attendance of three graduates, all who have reached a level of success that is rooted in the support and education received at a young age through RMCC.

The stage was first graced by Valerie Sununu, NH’s First Lady and keynote speaker for the evening.  Mrs. Sununu’s words were both heartfelt and challenging.  She beautifully affirmed the critical work of the therapists and the impact their expertise has on the life of the child, their families and the community as a whole.   Mrs. Sununu also highlighted her efforts to effect systems change at the state level by initiating connections and facilitating conversations across state departments.  The hope in doing so is the building of a foundation for educating all parents on a child’s development right from birth.

Attendees also heard a personal testimony of RMCC’s impact through the perspective of a father whose two children received services.  Both born with low muscle tone, his son and daughter’s healthy development was drastically changed as a result of the intervention therapies with RMCC.  On behalf of his family, he thanked those who worked first hand with his children, the leadership of RMCC and all those that support the mission of changing a child’s life for the better.

Finally, with the kickoff to RMCC’s 2018-2019 annual campaign just around the corner, the theme was unveiled and the request for continued support humbly submitted as we embark on our forty-eighth year of replacing questions with answers, fear with hope and challenges with opportunities.  When a parent or caregiver has questions about their child’s development, RMCC has the answers, the expertise to help every child reach his/her goals and the heart to always put your child first.  We are,

“Team RMCC.  The answer to, ‘what now?’”


New Hampshire’s First Lady, Valerie Sununu and RMCC graduate Darci Joyce

Jessica Carbonneau